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laitman_228Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah provide an answer to the question of how to build a new economy and new attitudes toward production?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah treats this very seriously. Baal HaSulam wrote about this in the book The Last Generation. You can read or listen to my conversations with economists on the Internet in any language.

The current economy is a transitional economy for the last egoistic generation. Therefore, our world is in a huge crisis.

We must go through these situations so we will recognize the imperative of changing ourselves. The change doesn’t “come down” from above.

From above only opposing forces “come down.” In our time an immense opposition between the egoistic system of our world and the altruistic system of the upper world is being discovered so that we will understand we need to be similar to the higher system that the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about. So the need for self-improvement, correction, and re-education will appear in us.

I can say briefly that the economic system by which the next generation will live is a system in which every person in society will receive the rational necessities for his existence but no more than that.

Everything else will be accessible to him only to the degree that he will be connected to the higher system from which he will begin to receive fulfillment in the form of a unique force that will fulfill him directly because a person is actually a desire.

The desire is fulfilled with forces; if we shape the desire correctly, then we will have the ability to be fulfilled by nature because this force is found in it. And that is how he will exist in an eternal, perfect, infinite, everlasting state.

The world requires a new fulfillment, not a physical fulfillment. Therefore, the present economy exists to connect everyone together, manufacturing only what is necessary and distributing all of the products among us. In an ideal situation, this is the right mutual connection between producers, consumers, and service teams.

In contrast to this, the economy of the coming generation will be based on mutual connection between us and mutual fulfillment of each other, but without competition and only to the degree that is necessary for each one of us. All other kinds of connection will be directed only toward discovering the source of the higher fulfillment between us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/17/16

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