Beware Of The Trap!

laitman_546_01Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 7:16: And you shall consume all the peoples which the Lord your God gives you; you shall not spare them, nor shall you worship their gods, for that will be a snare for you.

Any theories, methods, and goals that don’t pursue an accurate and acute goal—adhesion with the Creator in the equivalence of form with Him—should be abolished on the vine.

It is necessary to move away from those teachings that are very close to Kabbalah so they won’t captivate and confuse a person. After all, he doesn’t know the whole method yet, he isn’t at the end of correction, so that, from the pedestal he has reached, he could look at everything and evaluate. Therefore he must strictly follow only genuine Kabbalistic sources, without moving to the left or to the right!

By the way, there is a lot of unnecessary literature in Kabbalah that is written by people who haven’t attained or have just begun to attain the upper world. Therefore, it is necessary to study Kabbalah only through authentic sources.

Question: Is this the “trap”?

Answer: Yes, and a very big one! The trap, like a tidbit, lures you, but the trap slams shut. That’s it. It is difficult to get out of there. And you don’t know when it will slam shut. Once in the trap, you start to think that you are on the right path.

Unfortunately I have many students who were with us on the path, but due to some pretext left it and went into other currents, and it is hard to get them out.

It is possible that they think the same about us that we are on the side and they are in the main current. There is nothing that can be done, the future will tell.

Remark: In principle, does “serving other gods” mean serving material egoistic purposes?

Answer: It means serving any egoistic purposes, which includes everything that exists in our world.

Question: What does trap mean in a person’s internal work? Let’s say he is moving to the land of Israel and tomorrow, figuratively speaking, has to enter it, but suddenly falls in serving other gods…

Answer: Usually it happens before we enter the land of Israel. However even after we enter it, the huge war to destroy all idols continues since we begin to work with the same egoism that we left in Egypt and convert it into altruism.

The thing is that the egoistic desire is at the bottom. We exit it, 40 years we are above it, mastering all above-egoistic qualities, and then we begin to gradually raise egoistic qualities converting them to altruistic ones. And this is the entry to the land of Israel. In fact, the land of Israel is the same as Egypt in the correct, converted state.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/13/16

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