Wars Repeat Themselves

laitman_293Comment: Seventy-five years ago, on the 22nd of June at 3:06 fascist armies crossed the Soviet border and the Great Patriotic War began.

Answer: I was born right after the war and I felt it throughout my childhood and my youth. As boys, we used to unearth traces of the war and often found helmets, machine guns, and other parts of military equipment. There were many such cases and this greatly upset us, but one generation follows another and people forget everything.

The generation after the war still remembers something, but then everything is erased in the third generation and the fourth generation doesn’t remember anything, is not afraid, and don’t know what war is.

Those who were born in the fourth generation after the war don’t watch war movies because they don’t feel that the war is related to them. This is not a subject that exists in their lives, their imagination, and their internal informational records.

Question: Aren’t they moved by war stories?

Answer: No, everything disappears and so wars repeat themselves.

The last world war was on the brink of nuclear war and eventually ended with a nuclear bombing. The next war may be many times more intense, but unfortunately people don’t learn anything and society allows fascist education. Mutual hatred overflows.

It is not the masses, but the governments who revive everything over and over again and incite nations against each other with the help of modern technology. What is happening is simply unbelievable.

The upper force pushes us to choose whether to follow the right and good way by which we will correct ourselves and ascend to its level, which is the goal of creation; or we may learn by other ways that we cannot live in peace on this Earth in its primitive everyday life like animals.

Question: Does this mean that corporeal well-being and a peaceful family life are unrealistic values?

Answer: We should understand that it isn’t possible to live for such values; it is worthwhile and is simply impossible. The only thing we can do is to ascend above ourselves.

If we don’t, we will once again face terrible afflictions like people burning as a result of nuclear bombs. If humanity has to undergo such sufferings, it will still understand afterward that there is no other way and that it has to ascend to the next level of its spiritual evolution.

Nature is developing according to four levels and the world has already undergone the evolutionary levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. Today we have to ascend to the last level, the human level. We have to attain the fourth level of nature. If we manage to do so, we will ascend comfortably and easily, and if we don’t, we will face a path of sufferings.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the method of correction. Those who engage in it have a serious mission to bring it to the world. Let’s try to do it together!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/22/16

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