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laitman_547_06Opinion (Ria News): “New strategies for taming the masses

“It should be understood that the question of the control of the masses has always worried the powerful who have tried a variety of systems to suppress the will and rights of the majority: slavery, feudal dependence, the Inquisition, genocide, political repression, and so on. However, these systems have proven to be ineffective, because ‘mobs’ continually rebelled against the ruling class and destroyed the existing order.

“But what is necessary for the 80% of the population who do not belong to the ruling class (1-2%) or its service staff (10-15%)? Rudely, it is food and the ability to reproduce. So, the tribal leaders, slaveholders, landowners, industrial magnates, and then the financial tycoons always have been able to control the food markets, and through it to manipulate the masses, but they could not subdue the conscience of each individual. That is why the elite could not prevent the revolutions against them.

“The 21st century has fundamentally changed the situation: technology was invented for the transformation of individuals into thoughtless and managed hominids — functionaries with limited and increasingly narrow competencies. …

“The main instruments of the formation of a managed mass man are the Internet and electronic gadgets that have replaced teachers, educators, and even parents for many young people. …

“People are divided and disoriented. They are the most individualized and are oriented to strictly metered portions of real and virtual goods. The mass of individuals are programmed for activities in parameters and ranges, that exclude the sovereign and sensible behavior. …

“In fact, today a large part of humanity voluntarily moves through the shaping of the Western elites electronic Gulag [forced labor camp system], which forms the standards of behavior and needs.

From mind control to modeling behavior

“Control over people’s consciousness by those who rule – is not just a guarantee against unplanned revolution. …

“The control of consciousness allows the world elite to gradually get rid of ‘excess’ humanity by changing the reproductive behavior of the masses. …

“The LGBT movement, gay marriage and the family, sexual ‘education’ (corruption) of children at an early age, and other technology promotion ‘new’ family, social and educational policy directed specifically so that the masses will lose the ability to reproduce. …

“In the meantime, the mass man is prescribed to be a member of any controlled totalitarian sect or sports club. It is important that he receives epinephrine [adrenaline], at soccer matches, mountain climbing, or in unconventional sexual practices.

“‘A civil servant is allowed to be engaged with the protection of flora and fauna and to volunteer with permitted ‘civil’ movements, but it is forbidden to work to change the unjust world order.”

My Comment: Kabbalah warns that only the implementation of the method of integral association can bring the society in every nation throughout the world into balance; otherwise, we can truly expect a war with the mass annihilation of humanity.

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  1. I was thinking ‘what is control’ during today’s strangeness but i dont know the answer.

  2. Another powerful article dear rav, thank you.

    Maybe an element of answer for “damla” is the so called “Tv-reality” shows where the masses are educated to laugh at the ridicule of people fighting each others. Therefore assimilating dispute as a funny matter notto be taken seriously. Another most vicious form of control are these video-compiling tv shows, displaying people hurting themselves in all kind of ways, sometimes badly, while doing very stupid things in their homes or outdoor. The spectator, sit on his couch, passive, laughs at people failing and hurting themselves, while he eats crisps and drinks bear. He therefore learns to get accustomed to erase all feelings of compassion, or pulsion for an helping attitude, in exchange for a laugh in the comfort of his couch.

    In short, the video teaches the spectator “not to move” while seeing people in distress, suppressing therefore the fundamental urge to revolt.

    Control is not anymore about brain washing through wording, on the mass level, it is about modeling the natural behavior of the individuals through offensive associations.

    In this respect, so to speak, the electronic gadgets are a real wonder for the elite to submit and crush people.

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