“The European Union At A Crossroads”

Laitman_419Opinion (vestifinance.ru): “Europe is at a crossroads, European leaders must radically change the political and economic landscape of the region or the continuing instability will provoke a ‘domino effect’ in which the number of countries who decide to leave the EU will increase substantially, according to a regular bank HSBC report.

“In the quarterly Bank report state of the European economy, prepared by analysts of HSBC Karen Ward and Fabio Balboni, it is noted that for the leaders of the European Union there are only two ways. They can continue to get out of the current economic situation, which gives a steady, but a slight increase and, will be perhaps fueled by the destabilization of the political sphere. Orthey may revise the current direction and consider changing and radically change the direction of life on the continent. …

“In fact, currently the economic approach that encourages unconventional stimulus measures in Europe, particularly in regard to quantitative easing conducted by the ECB dominates, which means that governments will ensure growth, but not enough to reassure the population that is not seeing direct benefits from this growth. …

“‘In fact, we expect that the EU will continue to try to get out of the current situation by extending QE and growing deficits. However, this process can not be sustained. We hope that instead Brexit will be a catalyst for positive change. The EU can use this for their own good. Trying to fight this decision will mean only one thing: after Britain other countries will follow.’”

My Comment: I want to believe that the departure of Britain will obligate the members of the European Union to study and weigh the matter. And the possibility even exists that they will also hear our voice, that of the Kabbalists….

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