“The Collapse Of The Union”

laitman_273_02In the News (Lenta.ru): “The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union … became a sensation. Experts talk about the special relationship of Britain to Europe, the revolt of the people against the elites, and the impact of the migration crisis. But few people pay attention to something else: the collapse of the European Union in many respects is similar to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The fact of the matter is that both geopolitical entities were formed based on ideology. And the collapse resulted from a radical divergence between the proclaimed ideological objectives and reality.

“The Soviet ideology promised equality, justice, a higher level of economic development and living standards compared to the ‘world capitalism.’ In fact, Soviet citizens got shortages, unfair distribution, corrupt government, and a level of development and living standards greatly inferior to the West. …

“The ideology of ‘democracy’ promised Europeans the highest level of well-being and freedom for all, a world without borders, wars and conflicts, justice and equality in rights and democracy, that is, the decisive role of the people in political decision-making. But in reality, EU citizens have seen a huge income gap between the handful of the wealthiest entrepreneurs and the poorest segments of society, the influx of immigrants taking the jobs of the indigenous people, war in the name of democracy instead of peace, the solving of essential political issues by unelected Brussels bureaucrats instead of democracy.

My Comment: When folding uncorrected parts together, we get an even more uncorrected system. It is written that when the wicked gather together, it is bad for them and bad for the world, meaning that it is better not to gather.

And it is written that if altruistic Tzaddikim (righteous) gather, it is good for them and good for the world.
If first they had re-educated the egoistic-wicked into altruistic-righteous, everything that the masses dreamed of would have been realized, as it happened is a result of management by the bankers.

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