A Paradox Of Spiritual Attainment

laitman_525Question: If a person doesn’t feel the Creator and explores a world where there are no images, is it possible to say that by reading a book he can simply program himself and then begin to feel what is written in it?

Answer: We need to assemble and make a sensing and thinking organ for ourselves that will understand the new relationships that appear in us, and between us and can manage and change them. In a sense we do program ourselves.

Otherwise, what could be a reasonable approach for study?

Certainly I transform myself into some kind of system, but it is a system that I can manage! And so the infinite Light in which I am found and begin to perceive is upgraded within me and I can come in contact with it. Even though it is a wave, it becomes a quantum within me because it is upgraded even though it is infinite. This paradox happens here!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/28/16

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