EU Politician’s Tragic Mistake

Laitman_419In the News(Vestifinance): “The leaders of the 27 EU countries have stated that the freedom of movement of labor is one of the main four freedoms, which should support each country bloc, which wants access to the single market. They also called for Britain to speed up their exit from the EU in accordance with the prescribed rules and sent them a notice of desire to get out of the union as soon as possible, so as soon as such notification is necessary for the formal launch of negotiations on the exit. Without formal notice, negotiations cannot begin. But Cameron wants his successor to formulate a strategy and informed the European colleagues to withdraw before the start of negotiations. …

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most powerful leader in the EU at the moment, is trying to convince the leaders of other countries to give time to the UK to have the courage to choose a new leader and to begin formal negotiations. However, she expressed tough stance on the issue of access to the European market, noting that London can not select the privileges that it likes. …

“European leaders have recognized the need for change. But they also know that they need time to block the remaining 27 member states to regain their unity within the European Union, as in recent times there are differences, which only worsened as a result of a referendum in Britain. Countries are going to learn from the British experience. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the summit that the radical changes seem unrealistic. Among these changes, she called towards fiscal and political union in the current situation. This would require amending the Lisbon Treaty and carry out more referenda, namely that heads of state want to avoid. ‘This is not about unity in Europe, and on the improvement of the results,’ – said Merkel.”

My Comment: The whole problem of the European Union is expressed in these words. In the European Union there never was unity, because attainment of unity is possible only as a result of an ongoing process of education and training for the peoples, and it did not dedicate its attention to this at all.

They must recognize the difference between an “alliance of banks and industries of the nations of Europe” and an “alliance between peoples.” These concepts should not be confused. Here is the tragic mistake of the politicians of the European Union. They require educators….so the collapse of England is only the beginning of the collapse of the European Union!

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