“Globalization: The Beginning Of The End”

laitman_600_01In the News (Forex): “After the Second World War, Western leaders have tried to create rules that would help avoid a repeat of the horrors of the past decades. They sought to encourage prosperity and independence, so that ‘war was not only unthinkable but materially impossible.’ And their efforts were not in vain, they have begun to bear fruit. Since then, in Western Europe there has been no armed conflict. Development of world trade contributed to the growth of incomes around the world. Yet Brexit – is a clear sign that the process of globalization is unfolding in the opposite direction. Many economists were shocked by this unexpected setback.”

My Comment: The problem is not with globalization, it is imposed on us by the forces of nature. We have evolved to the point where we should begin to converge until the feeling of complete unity as one family, with one heart. The process must be gradual and deliberate, as it is necessary to follow the laws of nature.

But there is no need to invent our future. We could plan it as long as we develop within our nature, through the usual egoism.

But now, before us the next stage of our development is being revealed: a single integral humanity. To work together with the forces of nature toward this state, we must learn the integral laws of our development. And for this, we must become like them ourselves. And this is made possible for us through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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  1. there was a student in the preperation lesson who said he didnt have much self to protect. i dont understand how people can talk like that. when you bother to speak you very much have a self to protect. when you dont have a self you dont bother to speak as well.

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