What Is Creation?

Laitman_712_03Question: If there is none else besides Him, then is there a creation?

Answer: Creation appears only when it begins to reveal the Creator. It does not exist prior to that.
Thus, we cannot speak about creation without the Creator or about the Creator without the creation.

In other words, if the desire created by the Creator obtains the property in which it can attain the Creator, then it is called creation. Yet, the part that is still unable to accept the property of the Creator, which means revealing Him within itself, exists in the embryonic state and it is not a creation.

Therefore all people in our world and everything we feel now is a virtual creation, the existence of matter in the state anticipating the spiritual. Creation is called the created desire that has obtained freedom of choice and implemented it in similarity to the Creator.
From the Convention In Moscow, Day Two 5/3/16, Lesson 4

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  1. wouldnt god be bored if there wasnt anybody else?

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