When The Grave Becomes Paradise

laitman_207Torah, Numbers 16:31 – 16:35: As soon as he finished speaking all these words, the earth beneath them split open. The earth beneath them opened its mouth and swallowed them and their houses, and all the men who were with Korah and all the property. They, and all they possessed, descended alive into the grave; the earth covered them up, and they were lost to the assembly.

All Israel who were around them fled from their cries, for they said, “Lest the earth swallow us up [too]!” A fire came forth from the Lord and consumed the two hundred and fifty men who had offered up the incense.

Question: What does “descended alive into the grave” mean?

Answer: If you are completely within your egoistic desires, you clearly feel the contradiction between these desires and the Creator, and this burns you like fire. You feel shame, nothingness, the absolute oppositeness, and you do not know what to do with these desires, so they burn you. This is called hell. After all, the grave, hell, is a shame.

Therefore, “descended alive into the grave” means to feel intense shame, but this is a gradual correction.

Desires and characteristics constantly appear that we are ashamed of. However, what happens on the physical level is not connected at all to what the Torah is talking about. Spiritual shame is the worst thing. It is truly hell.

Question: It says, “All Israel who were around them fled from their cries, for they said, ‘Lest the earth swallow us up [too]!’” What are these desires?

Answer: All of the rest of the characteristics of the person feel how he now is going through a state of purification and benefit from this unique empowerment and elevation.

The fire of shame affects and influences everything on all sides because this a single integral system within us. It follows that spiritual shame is the essence. He created Malchut, Tzimtzum Aleph (the first restriction), and the entire system, which is based only on the feeling of shame.

The underworld has seven compartments, and the deepest of them is called Sheol. Those wicked people fell specifically into Sheol.

According to the desire of the Creator, the ground gave way deep underground so that the destructive influence of Sheol would not destroy the world.

This speaks about the maximum distance between Moses and Korach. But then there is a correction and nothing remains inside. Sheol itself becomes Gan Eden (Garden of Eden – paradise)! After all, in fact, evil does not exist.

All enemies are those who yearn for the Creator. Therefore, Sheol becomes Gan Eden, just as Mount Sinai becomes a sacred mountain, and all of its hatred, magnified 625 times, becomes a sacred mountain on whose summit—where previously there had been the most negative and egoistic accumulation that can possibly exist in nature—the person encounters the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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