Covering For The Alter

laitman_232_06The Torah, “Numbers,” 17:3: Even the fire-pans of these men who have sinned at the cost of their lives, and let them be made beaten plates for a covering of the altar—for they are become holy, because they were offered before the LORD–that they may be a sign unto the children of Israel.

Because the fire-pans (the vessels) were not used according to what they were designed for, which means with the intention of in order to bestow, they have to be made into something that is completely different, into a covering that hides these desires, these sins and transgressions, which didn’t allow the people to be in complete bestowal unto the Creator because they were all hidden by the earth.

The Creator’s punishment is always very simple. I stand before the Creator wishing to perform an action that is aimed only at love and bestowal, but at the moment, revealed in the ideological platform of daily desires and thoughts.

It turns out that it doesn’t match the level I hoped and expected to reach in my ascent. Then the earth swallows me (“earth – Eretz” stems from the Hebrew word “Ratzon – desire”), i.e., the true desires that are revealed in me now. Then it is clear where the Creator is and where I am.

It says that the fire-pans “were offered before the Lord,” which means that the actual actions were good, but the intentions were corrupt. This is the reason that the holy fire-pans are made into beaten plates that become a covering that doesn’t allow the pleasure to enter the ego.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/15

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