The Possible Leap

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will our life look when the new global education process that develops consciousness within us begins? Will the people of Israel begin living like one family?

Answer: Everyone will relate to others like they were his own children. He will be happy about their success and sad about their failures.

He will love everyone, wish them well, and other people will treat him likewise. This means that “all of Israel are friends.” This way we come to a world of absolute good.

Everyone feels love towards one another and it entirely covers hatred. This is what it means to come out to freedom.

Question: Do you indeed believe that this is possible?

Answer:  I don’t just believe but know this is possible if we reveal the second power, which is the power of good. One more force will awaken within our nature that will stand against Pharaoh, the evil force. If we awaken this good force within us, it will completely neutralize Pharaoh by covering all transgressions with the clothing of love.

Let’s make this leap (Pasach), which symbolizes the Passover , and come to this good and kind world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/22/15

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  1. I dont understand. If they are successful why are they sad? Are we like them? Who is sad first?

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