One Law Of Love For The Whole World

laitman_944Question: Why would we start fighting with and killing each other if every country will be able to produce everything it needs and no longer needs foreign lands and workers?

Answer: Why do you fight with your wife? Usually it’s because of some silly thing that has no significance. Countries will fight with each other the same way, because our egoism, the hatred that lives within a person, will not allow us to live in peace and friendship.

A person is built with an evil and egoistic nature. Therefore, we will see that although we no longer depend on each other on one hand, we will want to destroy each other nonetheless. And the only solution is to unite above all the personality differences, so that “love covers all transgressions.”

Question: So what will happen to 2,000 nations, which the world will be divided into?

Answer: All these 2,000 nations will accept one law that will force us to unite above all national differences. And only a special education will make this possible because it will raise people above our egoism.

Question: How will a person living in one of these 2,000 countries feel?

Answer: A person will feel that there are two parts in him. One part is his natural evil inclination, the blazing egoism inside him, which he despises. And in the other part, he wishes to be above the egoism, above his instinctive egoistic tendencies, and above them to unite with others.

In this manner we will achieve a peaceful, happy, and prosperous life. We will feel that we are in the “Garden of Eden,” where an infernal fire blazes underneath the earth. One cannot be without the other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/6/15

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