About The Blows Of The Past And Of The Future

Laitman_043Question: Several researchers of modern anti-Semitism refer to the fact that the Torah calls the nation of Israel the chosen and the holy nation, which is hard to swallow for those looking for a correction in equality…

Answer: It is not that the Torah tells us such things; it is the more the Israeli nation doesn’t display them and doesn’t proclaim them as its foundation. Many don’t know about this, but it didn’t decrease the intensity of their feelings.

We are actually dealing with the force found in nature, in our human desires. Even people who feel nothing towards the nation of Israel and who don’t know anything about its roots, still feel this hatred. It stems from their very nature, and there is nothing we can do about it. The vessels of the desire to receive naturally hate bestowal and true connection the Torah speaks about.

We don’t feel hatred towards this but resistance. Bestowal still belongs to us and not to anyone else. Those who don’t feel part of it hate it to such an extent that they are actually ready to destroy, kill, and eliminate it.

Nothing is more natural than this. This is actually the reason that Esau wanted to kill Jacob, but couldn’t do it because the subconscious image of Esau in a person is the thought that without Jacob he will not survive that stops him. We see in the Torah that it is impossible to manage in the world without a source of bestowal. But the desire to destroy or to subdue and to bend the attribute of bestowal still burns in a person, especially now.

We may wonder how this is possible in the 21st century. People don’t understand that a new era is beginning, which requires the nation of Israel to actually act. Previously this was so. Despite the hatred of the other nations, it wasn’t really obliged to fulfill the correction, but still underwent terrible sufferings.

Only recently, we haven’t suffered for a short time because the Creator enabled us to return to the land of Israel and determine that we are here in order to start the correction. But the initial period of our return to this land has ended. Baal HaSulam tells us about it in the “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar,” saying that we were given the chance and now if the nation of Israel doesn’t actually fulfill its correction, all the sufferings we have underwent will seem like nothing compared to the new sufferings that will come.

It is because we have never been in a state in which we had to fulfill the correction after the exile of the nation of Israel, and so the account with this nation will be very hard. All the blows we received before were only in order to keep us from connecting with the nations of the world so that we would not forget. They helped us remain separate and to guard ourselves so that we would be able to return to the correction that will come later. But those were also terrible blows.

Now, however, they will come from a totally different source. We have to understand that it is our duty to bring the message of the correction to the world. After all,  ultimately we who are to blame. Others still don’t know about this, while we do know, and so we will be demanded to fulfill it. If we fall asleep, all the blows of the world will be on our conscience.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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