Within The Framework Of The Laws Of Nature

laitman_558The Torah, “Leviticus,” 26:37 – 26:38: Each man will stumble over his brother, [fleeing] as if from the sword, but without a pursuer. You will not be able to stand up against your enemies. You will become lost among the nations, and the land of your enemies will consume you.

If we don’t engage in spiritual work, everything that is in us will disappear: the desire for the Creator, for bestowal and the ability to ascend spiritually. Everything will be swallowed, but the ego will become even more closed and sealed.

We are within the framework of the laws of nature, in its matrix, in its formula. If we are incorporated in it correctly, then accordingly our exit from it will be correct: It will be good for us and the whole world and desirable for the Creator. Otherwise nature will respond in a negative correlation.

This is the only thing about which the Torah speaks. However, it doesn’t tell us exactly and concretely about all the criteria, but rather presents it allegorically, with metaphors.

If we translate them from the simple meaning to a Kabbalistic meaning (to numbers, levels, frameworks, and forces) we will see that great forces will pressure us, bringing us to great sufferings. This will continue until we begin to balance ourselves with the call of nature, with the Creator.

The Israeli nation has mixed with the other nations for two thousand years in order to begin its correction now, in order to correct them and then enable the Creator to be revealed in them, because the Creator cannot be revealed in us. We are called vessels of bestowal, and we symbolize the attributes in which the Creator cannot be revealed because they are very weak. We actually need the Aviut (thickness), the desires, the deficiencies, and the great powers of the whole world, which we have to correct and offer the Creator so that He can be revealed.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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