The Creator’s Spoiled Children

laitman_938_04Question: What should we do if we understand the greatness of the teacher, the greatness of the group, the greatness of the friends, and the greatness of the goal and still cannot overcome our inner resistance?

Answer: No one can overcome his own resistance by himself. It is a natural state and it cannot be otherwise. None of us has the strength; all the power is only in the group. There are a thousand zeros and if they don’t see the greatness of the teacher and the Creator as one whole, if they don’t place them above themselves, if they don’t connect to the idea that comes from Above, they will never change from zeros into one.

Everything depends on where you place your zero:, before or after the one, which means to what extent you value the group and the teacher. It is impossible to advance otherwise because it is all part of the method of connection.

You have been brought to the group and have been told, “Take!” This is your only free choice. If you want to, you can use it and realize yourself. If you don’t want to use it, you will not succeed. If you complain that you cannot overcome, it means that you already understand that you cannot achieve the goal by yourself. No one can do it by himself.

On the American dollar bill, for example, there is a picture of an eagle holding 13 arrows. This is the symbol of the power found in connection. Once the Indians showed the American president how easily a single arrow can be broken, but when they took several arrows and tried to break them they didn’t succeed. This symbol has remained on the dollar bill ever since.

One person cannot fulfill the attribute of bestowal. He doesn’t have the necessary power to do so. We speak about bestowal, but whom do you bestow unto, whom will you help and who will help you? You need at least one more person since the minimum of many is two.

You have received a group and all the necessary conditions that no one ever had in the past. There have never been better conditions than those we have today. The whole world is shattered and there is no goal or ideology as there was fifty or a hundred years ago when ideas of capitalism, socialism, and communism flourished. Humanity has run out of ideas and everyone worries about himself. The separatists want to divide the world into hundreds of states and each one escapes to his corner. This is what the modern world looks like. We, on the other hand, claim the opposite: that the cure, the remedy, the correction is only in connection.

I don’t see any obstacle that can stand in our way of advancing forward. We are surrounded by unprecedented care that comes from Above. Those who have engaged in the wisdom of Kabbalah throughout history never had such good conditions as we have today: you have friends; you have a method according to which everything is clear and straight forward.

If you remain idle and cannot commit yourself to work, it is a sign that you are disconnected from the group. We have to examine the place of the work between us together and fill it with our efforts. You have to exert yourself!

You have been given every possible opportunity: a new building [in Israel], dissemination via television and the Internet; so what else is missing for you to make your effort in the connection between us? Why don’t you join us?

Comment: I always had lots of strength and suddenly it is gone…

Answer: If you have no strength, ask for power! There is a prayer before a prayer, but we have to start from something. We have to act even though we have no strength and no desire. We are being treated mercifully from Above; in fact, we could have been afflicted by some Dinim (judgments). Then we would all come to study out of fear looking for advice to escape from the impending trouble.

But we are allowed to develop mercifully, like a spoiled child whose parents allow him to drive them mad and continue to love him and give him everything. What more help do you need? You cannot be given anything from Above if you don’t have a desire and don’t make even the slightest effort.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/14

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