Singles Versus Families

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Presz Pospolita): “In the Western nations there was a form of responsibility that worked previously which took into account the possibility that one allowed another to use part of his freedom in exchange for allowing the reciprocal possibility. Freedom is optional now, it belongs in the category of being a right.

“A free person is someone who reveals a readiness to subjugate himself and those around him in the pursuit of attaining something better. Previous cooperation is changed into stiff competition. Freedom becomes egoism, altruism becomes subjugation. The progressives call a family based on mutual altruism among its members, patriarchal slavery.

“The differences between the roles of men and women became less rigid. Aggressive competition leads to a lack of common goals, a lack of closeness and support. A single person is happier when he feels that he is living correctly, so he conducts war everywhere against the family and its foundation.

“Single people are a product of the welfare state which has collapsed, created following a competitive struggle for survival. The more single people there are, the more rigid and sharp the struggle. They are the reason for the breakdown of society, like a building in which the common good has lost its value, and in its place come the egoistic interests of single people.

“Egoism is a characteristic that typifies a lack of maturity and childishness. It is easy to manipulate immature people. The flexibility and the rightness of their actions, which developed following a lack of familial obligations, is a great advantage.

“A single person in his closed space is not as happy as he seems, but he is not ready to recognize this. If being single is a conscious choice, then it cannot be considered a sign of happiness and a desire to be free. Rather, it indicates the existence of emotional problems, since people were not created to be single and live in solitude.”

My Comment: I think the destruction of families is the result of the growing egoism, as is the growing violence of people and nations. All of this brings us to a need to rethink the essence of our development and the need to find a solution. This solution is applying the principle of unity above all the defects and contradictions in everyone and society as a whole.

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