No Limits, No Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhy did Moses tell them, come and be engaged in the (Mishkan) Tabernacle and it will be important for you, but Moses heard the fools of Israel speaking behind him, and it says, “And they looked after Moses and what did they say, Rabbi Yochanan said happy is the one that gave birth to this, and what does she see in it, all his days, blessed be He speaks with him, all his days he pays the blessed be He, that is: and they looked after Moses. Rabbi Chama … and his friend tells him a man that rules the work of the Tabernacle you don’t ask him to be rich. When Moses heard this, Moses told them, your life, the Tabernacle is completed I will give you the account. He told them come and we will calculate, meaning: and those numbered of the Tabernacle.” (Midrash Rabbah, Schmot, Chapter “P’kudei Ha Mishkan”)

This is speaking about one person. This includes, the people, the spiteful critics, Moses, us, and also the Creator—all of these are our inner qualities. Everything that is outside of us is imprinted in our minds where we perceive a picture of the world and all that happens around us.

Therefore, as soon as a person on the level of “Moses” (which is a very high spiritual degree), such states awakened are awakened, all sorts of contradictions. But the construction of the Tabernacle could not be otherwise because there are always huge obstacles in terms of quality and in quantity. After all, thanks to them, based on those obstacles and correcting them, the vessels of perception to reveal the Creator will be built. In our world we cannot imagine how much the actions of opposition help.

Imagine how difficult it is to build in space where there is no counter in the form of gravity, how difficult it is for a person to act when he is not between two forces and has only one force to work with. Then there is a need to use weights or some magnets that create gravity, because without action and resistance we will not succeed. Therefore, both forces arise in the spiritual work; they help us to find our way.

It is known that a missile aimed at a target has to move relative to something; it constantly checks itself so that it doesn’t deviate from the course, and precisely by the small deviations it progresses in the correct direction. It is the same in spiritual work. Only thanks to the disturbances do we progress. As it is written, “Man must bless the bad as he blesses the good,” because it is precisely the evil that pushes, awakens, and helps us to progress. We check ourselves relative to it.

Therefore, we need to clearly and precisely understand the completion of the goal of creation cannot be composed only from positive qualities. Disturbances could also be called “positive” if it weren’t for the existence of the negative force.

Without the disturbances nothing could be built. If, for example, I build a wall by placing one brick after another, I have to see in relation to what I lay them in order for the wall to be straight. I use levels and plummets and with their help, I build the wall. Limits are necessary! Without them there is no creation.

If there is no resistance, then it’s not the right path. In every activity: in study, at work, in daily life, there must be an action and reaction between which we build the middle line.

Exactly because of that the Torah describes dramatic states that are continuous collisions because in each new level we need to feel the revelation of the negative level and toward it build the positive level. How could we work if we aren’t able to reverse a negative thing to positive? Then there would be no chance to create something.

If we act in a correct form, then we need the negative as well as the positive. Imagine that instead of spot lighting in a room, there were only light without shading, without transition of shadow and light. Without such limits we would not be able to feel, see, sense, or be oriented.

Therefore, Moses in us is very happy in situations of controversy and uses them in a correct form. He builds the Tabernacle and he is aware that these qualities exist in him, and after he finishes building the Tabernacle he begins to work with them.

The main thing is that the restrictions build the outlines of our spiritual vessels in which we reveal the Creator. Why is it said that it is possible to build the spiritual vessel only with the help of the letters “Yod- Hey – Vav – Hey”? Because they are limits.

The name “Yod- Hey – Vav – Hey” is the outline in which we begin to feel the Light of creation; otherwise we cannot feel it. It is surrounding us now, but we don’t feel it because we have nothing to limit it, nothing within which to receive and feel it.

Once the limits become similar to the Light in the positive and the negative sense, then we will gradually begin to feel the Light and will ultimately reveal it. Therefore the limits that are used in a correct form are necessary as are the positive forces. After all, they actually are not negative, but are the only way we perceive them relative to another force. Therefore, if man builds his life in the correct form, then he will have great success.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/16/13

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