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laitman_610_1The Ari, “Shaar HaKavanot” (Gates of Intention): The first Katnut (smallness) of the Tachton (lower one), from NHY de Ima, the Tevuna phase, is called Elohim (א-ל-ה-י-ם), Din (judgment).

The second Katnut of the Elyon (upper one), from the HGT de Ima, in Bina, the Dinim are not revealed as they are in Tevuna, so this is called AHDTM (א-כ-ד-ט-ם), which is obtained by replacing the letters with the letters before it.

There is no letter before Aleph, and so it cannot be transformed. But Lamed is replaced by the Kaf before it. Hey is replaced with the Dalet before it. Yod is replaced with Tet before it. The final Mem – is replaced with the open Mem before it. And since it is impossible for it to remain open at the end of a word, it is written as a final Mem.

Imagine that we are in an inquiry and are beginning to differentiate between the forces, between the origins of the forces, the results of the forces that act on us, our participation in these forces reveals the higher system before us. The more we discover the system, the more we can understand how it works and functions. As a result of such an investigation, articles like these appear. Before us is a scientific article that explains the action of the higher system that manages us.

Question: What does the replacement of letters and their combination mean? What are “front” and “back”?

Answer: Front and back are Ohr Yashar (Direct Light) and Ohr Hozer (Reflected Light), a level and its interior. There are various combinations and replacements of letters. Originally, each letter has its character as a complex structure. A letter is a desire to receive that has a Tzimtzum (restriction), Masach (screen) on it and Aviut (thickness/will to receive). The letter is completely enveloped in Light and so it maintains its particular form that indicates its relationship in regard to the Light. So the letter is called a “box,” a letter.

For every letter, meaning for every particular state, there exists a state before it and the next state, the higher and the lower. There are states that happen simultaneously, from right and from left. There are states that are a reflection from the ten Sefirot of the Elyon on the ten Sefirot of the Tachton, so all of the Sefirot of Hochma are connected, all the Sefirot of Bina are connected, and so on.

Even though the Light gradually passes through other Sefirot, through all the letters, all the stations, it passes through a particular wave that is perceived only through the Sefirot of the same name; Ohr Bina is perceived only through the Sefirot of Bina and Ohr Hochma is perceived only through the Sefirot of Hochma.

The connection between a Sefira and all the rest of the Sefirot, and the connection between those types of Sefirot are completely different types of connection. It is just as the health department connects all the doctors in the country. Along with this, doctors have a multitude of other connections, with other departments, with the family, and so forth.

That is how the system is built. In order to express these connections we need symbols to describe them. The combinations of letters make it possible for us to do this. And yet, this is not a sufficient description. Only someone who feels and recognizes these states in himself, when looking at the letters, he can implement, examine, and then understand about what they are talking.

No language, not even all the languages together, can express the integral connection. With the help of a limited language and a “slice” it is impossible to express wholeness. So the Kabbalists don’t describe the entire spiritual system. They only indicate signposts on the way for those who follow them, and so that we will have Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light).
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/14, Writings of the Ari

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