A Faucet That Is Opened With The Help Of The Power Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: With the help of what does a person open and close the faucet so that the Light will flow?

Answer: The faucet is opened with the help of the group. The more I reach equivalence of form with the group, connect to it more, the more power I get, the more of a feeling of connection, and I understand what I must change in myself and how I must accommodate myself to the Creator. The Creator is the power of unity and connection. When He shuts off the faucet for me, He shuts off the power, but demands intelligence from me; He wants me to learn to do this by myself. He will give me the Light, but it is up to me to want to be like Him for His work.

The Creator shuts down my reasons, and it is up to me to activate the connection and not the reasons. The Creator plays with me with the help of plates full of food and I play at having a “personal relationship” with Him, trying to be like Him. He influences my “belly” and I influence Him through my personality, through the Adam (man) in me. I work with the help of the society and He influences my body. And that is how I grow by means of this game. This is exactly what the Creator wants, through His influence on my body he makes me into an Adam.

I stand facing the “Master of the House” and facing the plates of food that He is offering to me on the animate level. But I transform the situation into a personal, human relationship, on the level of Adam, on the level of the Creator. I utilize the Kelim of the desire to receive. That is why this reception is called the “wisdom of Kabbalah,” for with its help I can lift myself to the level of divinity.

I am satisfied on my animate level so that I can elevate my relationship above the deficiency that I feel within my belly. I play a bit with the help of the hunger and the appetite that I feel, try to honor the Creator instead of honoring the plate that He offers me. And in this way I raise myself to the spiritual level.

So when “Bina” refuses to receive, she becomes “Keter,” and after that “Malchut” which receives in order to bestow. And all of this is within one spark of Light that was created as “something from nothing,” a small black point. So everything that is needed for building the image of Adam is found in this world.

Until the end of development we will have a “heaviness of heart” not by means of high states but only in this way. But this will be enough for building all of the levels of the five worlds when faced by all situations.

The group opens the faucet through connection. The more I connect with the friends as “one person with one heart,” the more the faucet opens. And in order to push me to connect, the Creator turns off His faucet. So then I am in a “night,” which I must transform into “day.”

The Creator makes one condition for us; we receive or don’t receive within our desire to receive. Everything else is added through the greatness of the Creator that we must attain through the greatness of the group.

The Creator says that His suitcase that He lets us carry is very light. This means that there is no significance to physical pleasures and we build the entire spiritual ladder above them. Everything that is required to begin climbing the rungs of the ladder that is placed in front of us is in the group. And the situations that seem like darkness to us are opportunities, a call to begin to ascend. This is as it is with a child whom they stand on his feet so that he will begin to walk by himself.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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