Without Any Disturbance, We Do Not Need The Creator

laitman_239Question: What depends upon us?

Answer: Only the building of the right deficiency depends on us; whereas the Upper Light is found at absolute rest. Only to the degree of the power of the deficiency and its components is it possible to see the Light according to its intensity and quality.

According to how many discernments there are within the deficiency, we will see the simple Light, the Light of Nefesh—that is found in rest (Nefisha), without movement—or the Light of Ruach (wind) that already moves and is found in motion. After that, we discover the Ohr Neshama that already shows us the source that the Light comes from. We begin to see in it the desire of the Upper One that is ascribed to us.

After that, comes the Light of Haya that shows us how, with our strong, complex, and versatile desire, we also can enter into contact with the Upper Light and begin to work together with it.

Then comes the last Light, the Light of Yechida, when everything is united through mutual bestowal.

Question: What is the difference between the intensity of the Light and the quality of the Light?

Answer: Intensity and quality are two components of the intensity of the Light. Similar to this, in electricity, there is a power supply that is determined according to voltage times current. This determines how much you can produce from the power supply, in other words, the ability to operate and perform the required work.

The quantity and quality are connected together. In the Upper Light, there is no difference between quantity and quality. It is only in reference to the receivers. All of the substance of the still is equal in value to one vegetative. It follows that one vegetative is great in quality, in contrast to the entire nature of the still, which is great in quantity.

Question: So, what do we need to ask for?

Answer: We need to ask only for a deficiency. It is good that we now are receiving a deficiency during dissemination. There is nothing more valuable than that. Feeling ourselves obligated to the entire world is the best thing. This is the same deficiency in which we discover all of the reality, all of the phenomena of the Creator.

This deficiency will oblige us to feel how much we require the Creator. Up until today, we didn’t need the Creator, but, today, He has become a necessity for us, like air, and so, not for nothing is it written, “Come to Pharaoh!” for, without Pharaoh, we would not need the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/14

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