I Don’t Know, You Will Find This

laitman_525Question: Should it enter into us as axiom that the Creator is the characteristic of bestowal and love?

Answer: We cannot take this even as a hypothesis let alone an axiom, because with the help of an axiom, we solve precise physical problems.

I must accept and perceive Him specifically as not existing according to my characteristics and feelings. He doesn’t exist for me, because I don’t exist for Him. I don’t even have one characteristic in me that will be like Him so that through this characteristic I would be able to understand, feel, and determine precisely that this is Him.

He is not outside of me, this is a characteristic that is only within me, and so the Creator (Bore) is called, “Bo-Re” (come and see). In the Hebrew language all definitions are very precise because they are derived from the attainment of reality. All of the names are based upon practical actions. So the Creator indicates that when I will come and see, I will find Him.

Coming means gradually attaining the characteristic of bestowal. Then within that I will begin to feel the reality that is the Creator. Only by creating this within me can I determine what the Creator is. But if I don’t discover the characteristic of bestowal and love, this indicates that He doesn’t exist. And this is the relationship.

Question: Must an internal war happen inside of me for this?

Answer: No internal war happens inside of you, rather there is an internal investigation.

For if you have a desire to attain, to see, to determine, to feel, to be filled, with this knowledge, meaning that this need is alive inside of you, then according to the scent, according to your sixth sense, you will understand that there is something here for you, you cannot escape it, you must clarify everything and be infected with this.

But if you don’t have an inner drive like this, then you will only yawn and lie down on the couch again. It could be that you will want to satisfy your curiosity or will try to derive benefit from this: do some magic, experimentation, mysticism, and attract girls through interesting conversation. There were a few people who were with us who were only nourished by curiosity and being filled with knowledge. And they all left; they couldn’t hold on.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/18/13

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