Spiritual Combinatorics

laitman_552_02The Torah, “Leviticus,” 20:11: And a man who lies with his father’s wife has uncovered his father’s nakedness: both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon themselves.

This speaks about the higher degree versus the lower degree.

There is a special combinatorics between a father and a mother that is, among all the men who are at the highest level next to the father, and all women who are at the same level next to the mother. There is only one type of communication here: father, mother, and me. I will not be able to go up to the next level in any other way.

I cannot be in contact with either the left (female) or the right (male) part of the higher degree if they do not correlate to me. In this case, between the higher degree and mine there will be no regular communication, and without it the Light will not work.

Therefore, the prohibitions of the Torah are presented categorically, because if I wrongfully use the degree I am at now, although I have achieved it with a great difficulty, I will lose it. Therefore, there is a general rule: “It is preferred to sit and do nothing than to do something wrong.”

Question: In the spiritual world, all communications that do not give rise to the next level are forbidden. What does “forbidden” mean?

Answer: This is a ban for the wrong contact with the higher degree. If you are at the point at which you begin the contact, if you want to climb one degree higher to attain the Creator, every time you attain Him deeper and deeper, such a descent eventually lowers you.

This is similar to a child’s game when by advancing the chip you move towards the finish line and suddenly you are thrown backward.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/23/14

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