The Creator Is Playing Hide And Seek With Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The holidays of the Israeli nation are a continuum of phases that a person goes through when he decides to follow the path of loving others. Every holiday is a stop along this path in the process of the complete fulfillment of this goal. What is the place of Sukkot in this chain of events?

Answer: Just like any other phenomenon, it is difficult to explain what the holidays mean from a Kabbalistic perspective because it is about something that a person doesn’t yet feel and still has to develop his sensitivity to.

At the beginning of creation we were in direct, constant, and revealed contact with the upper force that created us, but in that state we didn’t understand Him and were not aware of Him yet, as if we were an embryo in his mother’s womb adhered to her and existing thanks to her.

In order to make mature created beings out of us who understand the Creator and know Him, to study His attributes, t0 become like Him, and to relate to Him like He relates to us, there was the Tzimtzum (restriction) and concealment. The created beings suddenly were detached from the Creator.

It turns out that there is a created being—a man, humanity—and in contrast, there is the Creator, the force that manages everything and operates creation. There is nothing other than the force of the Creator and man who was created by Him, whom He wants to raise to His level.

In order to allow a person to grow, the Creator places a Masach (screen) of concealment between Himself and the created being, a thick partition. I don’t see the Creator behind this partition, but I have to try to find Him, as if by playing hide and seek,  trying to see Him in everything that happens to me and inside me,.

On the whole, there is no other work in the world other than the constant representation of the Creator before me. I have to try to discover the Creator in all my thoughts, desires and feelings, and in everything that happens around me. I have to receive everything as Masachim  (screens) that conceal the Creator behind them.

I have to feel that it is only the Creator who fills the whole world and operates everything, including me, of course. All my work is to remove the concealments and return to the state of a revealed contact with the Creator when I understand, know, and feel Him to the depth of the previous concealment, by turning the whole Aviut (thickness) of the partition into an area for His revelation!

This area, which previously created the concealment, now becomes the area of revelation that is called the upper worlds and by which I begin to understand and feel the Creator. I exert myself during the concealment in order to reveal Him, and thanks to that I grow and learn to understand and be just like Him.

The Creator wanted to teach me and reveal His attributes to me and this has been successful. Now we know and understand one another. I feel everything that He wanted to teach me by the concealment. After correcting the concealment to revelation, there is mutual love and openness between us and we reach complete adhesion. We must go through this process, as this is the whole plan of creation.

There are levels in the concealment, starting from the easier ones to the increasingly more difficult ones. Eventually I find myself behind five levels of concealment called the worlds. In order to get closer to the Creator and to know Him, I have to reveal Him on every level.

The five levels of concealment are divided into five parts and each one is divided into five other parts making a total of 125 levels that separate me from the Creator. On each level, I have to turn the concealment into revelation, the lack of understanding to understanding and the lack of feeling to feeling. And thus I acquire the Creator’s attributes and change from one level to the next.

This is nothing like scientific research in this world when a physicist remains the way he was after revealing something new. The levels of spiritual revelation change the researcher himself.

After all, the attributes of the Creator are opposite from my attributes. I totally receive and He totally bestows. Therefore, I have to change the Masach that conceals Him from reception to bestowal in order to reveal Him. Because my attributes are opposite from the Creator’s, the Masach conceals Him, and by turning it to bestowal, I advance and get closer to the Creator.
From the program “A New Life” 10/05/14

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