A Mother Who Is Concerned About The Entire World

Laitman_077Question: How does one transform from being a mother concerned only about her children to a mother who is concerned about the entire world?

Answer: It depends on how she feels the entire world. If she feels all of humanity as her children, then for her this is a natural state. Everything depends upon the influence of the Upper Light, how much it illuminates that circle that she accepts as hers.

Either this circle is locked only upon the family—meaning that the Light influences only the beastly state of the person, and then he feels himself as found only in this world—or the Light has a wider illumination, and, accordingly, the person begins to feel that he depends upon others and that all of the others depend upon him.

The Upper Light reveals everything. However, in principle, the whole world is a part of my soul. There is nothing that is not included in it. Ultimately, I discover it within me.

This is the condition of inclusive love. There is no person in the world that is not part of my interior. Everything is within me, and what I see outside of me, I see with my distorted vision, which on the first spiritual level is discovered as completely different, in a truly correct form.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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