Have The Predictions Of The Prophets Materialized?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will the world begin to think and feel the same as we do, through external dissemination, or must there be a very deep internal unity for this? In what way will this happen?

Answer: I don’t know. You are asking me about forms that have never been clothed in the substance of our world but for which there is free choice.

Malchut de Ein Sof, through all kinds of emanations: Shevirah (breaking), descent, correction, evolves into five worlds and descends to our world. In the physical world, nature forcefully developed this shattered egoistic desire to exist until our time. But nothing in this process ever happened according to the desire of a person.

The development of the creature is realized in three stages: descent from above to below, direct development, and ascent from below to above. We are now beginning to be engaged in correcting the shattered desires, which is done within the “middle line.” Only the third stage provides free choice in which I will develop myself more rapidly than nature would force me to do it.

Through the development of a yearning for correction through group, through friends, through envy, I push myself forward. The friends help me advance by developing in me a cunning and cruel egoistic feeling that they are satisfied and succeeding, and I am not, and this is what helps me advance.

This means that in our ascent from below to above, there exists the possibility of freedom of action where we don’t just hasten the time of our development, but also change its flow, its character, and the manner in which correction will be realized in a better and more rapid form or by a slow path of suffering. This depends solely on our choice. For this we gather in a group.

So when you ask me what will be, how must one act, in what form  can we embody everything in the future, I don’t know. Not even a prophet knows this. They wrote about future states and described them only in the form in which they will be forced to play out by our brutal nature.

But if we include in ourselves in this development and mollify our way, then it will be completely different. So there is nothing to read what the prophets wrote and sit and think about when their prophecy will be materialized, since it is doubtful that it will be as they predicted. We have already made many appropriate corrections.

In what manner this will truly be realized tomorrow, we still don’t know. But since we are going forward by way of bestowal, how this will happen shouldn’t concern us. We want only the one result from our path: that there will be bestowal to the Creator.

But if I ask about the future, this is a sign that I am an egoist.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 2

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