Becoming Your Own Master

Laitman_712_03Question: How can I transfer criticism that is directed to different parts of the world to love and care for these parts?

Answer: What criticism could be in relation to the world? The Creator does everything! Who can you criticize? People? They are all run by the Upper Light that works in them. Do they have any freewill? Do they control their own destiny?

Look at what is happening around us. Every day we hear news and watch the latest news. You can see what the Creator does to people to teach them to finally discern that nothing depends on them.

He wants to bring them to the realization of the evil of their own nature so that they would begin to understand that something must be done with this, that they are not in control of themselves, and they should turn to the upper source.

We cannot say whether any person in the world is good or bad. They are puppets controlled by the Light and have just a small animal desire, and a micro-dose of the Light in all Its metamorphoses directs them to perform various actions.

How can you blame or approve of them? There is not a single movement in a person that is not controlled by the Light, and only to the extent that he wishes to associate himself with the Light does he begin to feel that the Light controls him.

Our highest purpose is to try to acquire the properties that will allow us to predict the plan of the Creator and do our actions independently. They will be correct, corresponding to those that the Light wants to make them.

I will perform them as if going forward before the Light. However, still these actions will be fully consistent with the program of development for creation until its full correction.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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