The Spiritual State Called “Night”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the birth of the next level need to be performed only in the evening or at night?

Answer: The correct union of man and woman is done in the state of “night.”

That is a spiritual state, not a physical one because when they don’t see the next level, their actions are only altruistic and intentions are directed only for bestowal without any connection to themselves. I don’t see anything before me, I only bestow. And that is called “night.”

Comment: Everything is distorted in our world!

Answer: No. We need to see through the corporeal actions to their inner meanings, thus they are interpreted very simply.

Question: Do the desires of a woman in our world constantly need to be aimed at giving birth to the next level?

Answer: We are not speaking about our world. Our entire world is under the egoistic desire and there is nothing that is aimed at spiritual actions or to correction.

Our world is our world, and we, as if, speak about spiritual actions that are aimed only at bestowal and at executing the law of “love thy neighbor as yourself,” which is the entire Torah. Thus, all actions need to somehow realize this one and only law.

What is the connection here with self-enjoyment that men and women receive in this world? There is no relation between the two. It is a regular, physiological function like sleeping, eating, etc.

And here we speak about spiritual actions from your desires that are within you. Through the discovery of the huge system of the mutual connection between souls, you aim these desires to bestowal, to love, since you are already in contact with these souls and it is specifically to them that you transfer your actions.

Thus there is no connection to our physiological relations that come from the corporeal level.

Comment: But you always say that by attaining the upper state, the connection of the male desire that is born from the Light and the female desire to receive the Light and to give birth to the next level, it is possible to look at our world and to understand what is happening in it.

Answer: In our world everything is done in parallel to the spiritual world, only that it is from pure egoistic desire. And actions basically resemble spiritual acts, only in matter and not in the spirit, when they are aimed at bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/5/14

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