Correction of Desires: Wood And Clay

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, Leviticus, Metzora, 15:12-15:13: An earthen vessel that he touched was to be broken, and any wooden implement was to be rinsed with water…

Question: Is there a difference between a clay and wooden vessel?

Answer: Wood doesn’t absorb impurities because it has a vegetative origin, whereas a clay vessel is made of various sorts of ground and absorbs everything. That’s why it is weaker.

During its growth, wood sorts out what is right and what is wrong and then corrects them inside itself. That’s why it is more resistant to plague. It repels things that harm it, absorbs things that are good for it. This is how it grows. Clay absorbs everything and is more vulnerable to contamination.

A wooden vessel, i.e., a desire of the vegetative level, is more prone to the egoistic contamination than the desires of the inanimate level.

A vessel is a shaped desire. If a vegetative desire is hit by the egoism, for its correction it needs to be “washed” by the Light of Bina. Wood is Zeir Anpin, thus, it can be impacted by Bina from above. Clay is MalchutBina cannot influence it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/05/14

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