Two Goats In The Spiritual Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, Levitcus, 16:7-10: And he shall take the two goats, and set them before the LORD at the door of the tent of meeting. And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats: one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for Azazel. And Aaron shall present the goat upon which the lot fell for the LORD, and offer him for a sin-offering. But the goat, on which the lot fell for Azazel, shall be set alive before the LORD, to make atonement over him, to send him away for Azazel into the wilderness.

Question: What is the meaning of the two goats, “and Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats?”

Answer: It is a person’s internal work to reveal the different attributes in him, analyzing and clarifying what can be corrected and what cannot, for what he has enough power and for what he does not. On the whole, however, he has no power at all but only the option to ask the Creator for help.

If a person simply thinks, “Okay, I’ll ask,” it doesn’t work. Can he really ask to get rid of his attributes? In order to do that, he must process everything inside him in a deep, serious, conscious manner and experience it as something personal.

He cannot say, “I want to correct this and that,” but he only can ask for it to be corrected. At the same time, he can ask for these attributes to be corrected, attributes that are very dear to him and from which he doesn’t want to detach in any way, like a mother from her baby, for example. Can you imagine such a state?

When a person understands that he cannot get rid of that by himself, he asks the Creator for help. Moreover, it isn’t for his own sake but in order to dedicate himself totally to others. He sacrifices his attributes as his small child. This is a real sacrifice on his part. At the same time, he ascends to a very high level when he asks the Creator to do that since he cannot do it by himself.

These things are revealed to us over a long period of time. A person goes through very serious internal states by weighing different options. He ask if he is doing the right thing, how can he give up one thing or another, and so on. We speak about these things as if they are understood, but, in fact, it isn’t just difficult, but very difficult.

Eventually, a division of the egoistic attribute takes place in a person. Part of it he can give the Creator, but the other part he cannot. This is the two goats, one of which he sacrifices and the other one he seemingly sets free.

It is very hard to explain the meaning of “and the other lot for Azazel” for the forces of impurity, and so on. This is the limit that is set on every level. It is necessary in order to advance as we are repulsed by the impure goat and sacrifice the pure goat.

Our movement is always based on the two elements of something that I am repulsed by and something that I am attracted to. It is much more difficult to be repulsed by the impure desires, to refuse to accept them, not to work with them, not to enjoy them, and not to fulfill them, rather than to sacrifice the other half.

First, I must determine which desires help me advance and which I must detach from, to “send them away for Azazel into the wilderness.”

These desires are so great that I as yet cannot work with them correctly in order to bestow and sacrifice them for the sake of the Creator. Therefore, I must send them into the wilderness, which means to detach from them.

I must clarify which of my desires are pure and correct them to the attribute of love and bestowal, which means to sacrifice them. This is a very difficult action, but this is the meaning of the continuous revelation of moving forward that is revealed in me as a result of the serious and difficult clarification.

A person doesn’t go through such states in our world. He is pushed into a corner and doesn’t know what to do. It is only in such cases of being under pressure that he can reach the revelation of his attributes, his desires, and a serious clarification and the division of the desires.

When they are totally separated, it will be possible to determine which of them is the goat for sacrifice and which is the goat for Azazel to be sent into the wilderness, no longer to be used.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/06/14

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