The Light At Absolute Rest

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Light is in complete rest because all of its intentions are maximally directed toward convergence, union, connection, and adherence with us. At every second, it carries out billions of actions (if one could possibly express this temporally).

The Light is unchanged in any way, and its program is aimed only at bringing us to the state of wholeness. This is called rest.

If I only have one intention, one impulse, and one action, and I never change it in any way; it can be changed under the influence of some object, within the object itself, but not in my attitude to it.

In physics, for example, any force applied to an object is constant and changes only the object itself. Consider a rotating magnetic field induction coil. Along with the constant magnetic field, the induction coil creates a changing electric current within it.

Or, let’s take another example. Loving parents are ready to do everything for their child, but suddenly they give him a spanking. How can this be? If a stranger sees this, he thinks, “Barbarians! Someone should call the police!” But actually, this is love.

We have a good example from Rabash. When a child screams that he wants to poke himself in the eye with a pin, but the parents don’t give him this dangerous object, with this, they are exhibiting love not cruelty.

However, to the receiver, love is discovered in a completely different form, just as it is revealed to us throughout the world. Everything is bestowal of the Creator upon us, from the most horrible actions that we see in this world to the most wonderful actions. All of this is the same absolute love of the Creator.

We can feel such actions on us as a minus or a plus, and this is what is called His being found at absolute rest. And we are in accordance with whatever Reshimot (reminiscences) are revealed and in how we realize them, we feel His bestowal within such a gap.
From the Sochi Convention 6/10/14, Lesson 2

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