Going To The Store To Buy Milk For The Baby

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we go out to the public, we always need to keep a link with the Elyon (upper one) within us. Through detachment from the Elyon we cannot work with a lower level. Indeed we don’t come to people as performers or as agitators of the crowds, rather we are bringing them the higher power, a connection with the Creator.

So through connection with the friends we must attain contact with the Elyon. If we don’t have a connection like this, we cannot be considered a higher level in relation to the Tachtonim  (lower ones) and work with them.

If a girl takes care of her little brother, she doesn’t consider him as a lower level. They are on the same level as brother and sister. Whereas the mother who takes care of yhe baby is the upper one because she gave birth to him and she has the power. So we cannot go out and take care of the community without maintaining a permanent link with the Elyon.

I am only a point, the middle third of Tifferet (splendor). My entire upper half is with the Elyon; my entire lower half is with the Tachton (lower one). So I must be connected with the Elyon and the Tachton and work simultaneously with both.

When I work with the Tachtonim, the Elyon is within me, otherwise I can’t do anything. And when I turn to the Elyon, the Tachtonim are within me. Otherwise I don’t have anything with which to turn towards them. When a mother goes to the store to buy milk for her baby, it is as if she is carrying him with her.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/08/14

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