A Trap And The Way Out Of It

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Vedomosti): “We received new information only when nothing threatens our outlook. Negative facts brought to the supporters of the regime cannot be digested by them and will not change their views. By virtue of these features of our consciousness, the existence of independent media and the Internet does not solve the problem.

“People perceive information that does not constitute a threat to their worldview and filter out all the rest. It is incredibly difficult for politicians and peoples to accept a dead end of the chosen path since changing a course undermines the worldview system.

“Having realized that the chosen political course does not lead to the expected results, the country often does not change, but on the contrary, intensifies the realization of the initial program, which worsens the economic situation in the country and leads to a tightening of the wrong political course. A mental trap brings a country into a vicious circle.”

My Comment: Although opposite to its course, the correct decision can be accepted only when it is viewed objectively. This is possible only in a workshop which is organized according to the principles of integral education, in a circle where people are equal and cancel themselves. They must be ready for full connection for the sake of revealing unity (the Upper Force) within it, adhering to the Upper Force through similarity of properties (mutual bestowal) in order to create contentment in it.

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