Where Is It Better To Go: To A Convention Or To A Concert?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Question about the One for All and All for One Convention in Paris:

Question: What is the difference between a gathering of people for a Kabbalistic convention and a musical concert?

Answer: Every gathering is nice in and of itself, but I prefer to be among people with whom I can gain the most.

If I go to a concert, I will pass the time pleasantly. If I go to sit in a restaurant with relatives and coworkers, it will also be pleasant and good for me.

I spend much more time at a convention, almost three days. But I can gain immeasurably more there, which is part of the next world. I can gain something that is not found in our world, something much higher, eternal, that cannot even be compared to anything that is found here!

Therefore, it is necessary to consider this well. A concert, this is good. A restaurant, this is also not bad, but a convention can give the possibility of receiving something that I will not get in any other way. So think: is it worthwhile to miss an opportunity like this?

I don’t attract anyone by force, but I think that for everyone it is worthwhile to take account of what they benefit by coming to the convention. A person receives and gains eternity, which is an immense and complete world. He should consider whether it is worthwhile to come for this.

This doesn’t keep him from sitting with friends in a restaurant or going to a concert. But if he allocates time in his life both for this and for that, what is left of life for him? This life must end; there is no doubt about this. So he should consider what is left for him in this life. What does he gain by being alive and existing in the form of some protein matter in this world for a number of years? Does he gain something that is beyond this life or not?
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/14, Writings of Rabash

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