This Moment Was Created By A Higher Power

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the difficulties in our life are derived from not organizing support for ourselves that reminds us that, in each and every moment, we are given a situation that a higher power arranges for us. And every situation like this is a condition where we must discover that it is coming from the Creator in order to discover Him.

We must relate to every moment in our lives as coming from the Creator and understand that these are all different forms of concealment that are given to us, so that through our efforts, we will try to get out of them.

The higher power arranges every moment in life for us, and at every moment we ask for only one thing: to discover the Creator in order to adhere to Him under every condition, whether it is, bestowal or reception, in order to bestow under a Tzimtzum (restriction) no matter what.

In fact, our work is divided into several parts. The first and main part is organizing all kinds of support for myself so as to not ever forget from where everything comes. By myself, I will never be able to clarify that everything comes from the Creator.

To discover the Creator there must be a group, for the Creator is a collective power that is revealed among us. Therefore, there must be a network of connections between us, and being in it, I will not be able to forget that I get every condition from the higher power, and that from the start, there exists some kind of small illumination in our system.

And then the group corrects me to such a state that I feel a certain illumination within our connection that comes from Above. Further development of this state brings me more and more deeply into it, and there within this depth, I understand that I must discover the Creator in this state, through a request.

This request is our shared request and is composed of several friends with whom I am connected, and through them, we are concerned that this system will begin to live and reveal within it the inner power that created and shaped it from the start and is then revealed according to our request. The main thing is to go back as quickly as possible at each and every moment to an “awareness” that this moment was placed before us by a higher power.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/14/2014

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