Grinding The Ego To Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the millstones of the system that grind the grains of the ego in the spiritual correction symbolize?

Answer: It’s a very complicated system that processes and corrects our desires. What is more, all this takes place inside a person. The shells of the grains or the husk is the external egoistic wrapping from which we have to totally detach ourselves and spread to the wind.

It protects us for a while, like it protects all of humanity today, gradually bringing us to a state in which we begin to feel that the ego is bad. This disturbs us in many aspects of life. It’s time to correct it and to start treating ourselves and life differently. We have to send the ego into the air, which means that we have to change its form.

First we choose the grains, when we understand that these are our egoistic attributes, and then we beat them and thus clean them of the husks, and take the grains out of the stalks. These are all internal processes that a person goes through.

Then the husks are carried by the wind and only the clean crop is left in the granary, and then we begin to process the grain, which means to grind it. Grinding is a process of recognition of the desire, which has already lost its egoistic wrapping. But how and with what should we do it? A person’s thirty-two teeth also symbolizes the actions of grinding, since when we chew food it becomes usable for eating.

But the most important thing for us are the millstones. By grinding our desire, we begin to understand what it is made of. Then we add water to it, which means to the desire to receive that is now clean of the intention for itself, and we add the intention for the sake of others, for love of others, and through them, for the Creator. This is called making bread, and if we operate this way, our desires become food that makes a person grow.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/27/13

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