Drugs And Prostitution Boost The Economy

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC): “Later this year, the UK economy will get a £10bn boost from illegal drugs and prostitution, writes Anthony Reuben.

“The Office for National Statistics, which has to calculate the figure, confirmed it at an economic forum last week and will publish more details next month. It will be £3bn from prostitution and £7bn from illegal drugs.

“The European Union has declared that illegal activities need to be included in national accounts so that comparisons can be made between countries. … Knowing how much has been spent on illegal activities is important because otherwise there is a great deal of money that has been legally earned, but you don’t know how it has been spent – creating a mismatch between figures for earnings and spending or saving.

“Similarly, it would mean there was a lot of money being spent on legal products and services, of which you did not know the origin.

“In other words, money from illegal activities, if its origin can be hidden, circulates round the economy just like any other money, and EU statisticians have decided it’s important to be able to account for it.”

My Comment: That is the way the economy gradually absorbs the entire money turnover because it makes absolutely no difference for it how income was obtained. And who cares? The main thing is profit! No one measures moral damages although it is many times greater than this dubious income.

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