Building The Relationship With Him

Dr. Michael LaitmanZeir Anpin de Atzilut is the Creator according to us. The world of Infinity illuminates the unique Partzuf designed to work with us. This Partzuf is called Zeir Anpin and its origin is in the four phases of Direct Light.

Bina that wanted to bestow to Keter in order to be like it, refused to receive the Light, but after that she thought, what could she give Him in this case? How could she reach equivalence of form with Him? And so she received the Light in order to bestow; this is called Zeir Anpin.

Zeir Anpin is the child of Bina, she expresses her yearning for bestowal in him. But her inclination to bestow to Keter was very small because Bina took a desire that she found in the first phase, in Hochma, and with its help she performed the action. Keter performs an action for Hochma, conveys Light to her, and Hochma enjoys that Light. Bina didn’t want to get anything, but to bestow pleasure, she takes the desire of the first phase and fills it in order to bestow.

With this action she makes herself similar to the action that Keter performs for Hochma, and through this she gives contentment to Keter. But this is not a true desire, rather it’s the original desire that the Creator created. In order to reach a true desire, we must discover shame, the split, the entire gap between Creator and creature.

So after this action, Malchut feels that she has her own desire. She wants to have enjoyment, which is not from the pleasure that comes from Keter to Hochma and not the pleasure that Bina conveys to Zeir Anpin; rather, Malchut wants to have pleasure from contact with the Creator. She is not interested in enjoying the delicacies found on the table, for these are beastly pleasures. Rather she wants to enjoy the fact that the host is serving her. These are human pleasures, on the level of Adam (Man) and not on the level of the animate!

This development brings Malchut to a desire to enjoy her relationship to the Creator, to receive His love in order to receive, she enjoys love. She doesn’t enjoy the fulfillments that are found within the Light, rather she enjoys the Light itself. This is like Pharaoh who says, “Who is the Creator that I should listen to his voice? He must serve me! That is exactly what I need!”

This is the difference between Malchut and the regular desire to receive. Her desire to receive wants to dominate and rule so that the Creator will serve her as if she were found above Him. It is precisely this characteristic that we must correct and not the desire to receive on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate.

You can eat all the delicacies from the table that the host offers you; there is no problem. He created you so that you would eat it. But how do you build your relationship with Him, the level of human stage and not the level of the animate of the relationship between you? This is the question. This is the role of Zeir Anpin towards Malchut.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/14, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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