When The Minority Influence The Majority

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Karen Shahinian, journalist Slon): “We accept the opinion of majority as the truth, believe public opinion more than our own eyes because it is uncomfortable to be at odds with the majority. No matter what the majority tells us, it is important not to differ.

“Let’s say, there are only 10,000 people on a small square, and a huge silent country is around – the revolutionary minority has its own influence; it is not overwhelmed by the majority; it is important what the minority says.

“We have to comply with the opinion of majority, but not with the opinion of minority, but we listen to it attentively, trying to understand why they think differently, and this is the hidden power and influence of minority. Since we are not afraid of them, they are not dangerous, we begin to listen to them and think about the content.

“At the beginning, the influence of the minority does not appear, but time passes, and a serious question arises: perhaps, it is really necessary to stand up to the end and not to leave the square? Of course, if the opinion of minority was correct, and it was worthwhile to stay. It all depends on the unity of minority and its perseverance to articulate their ideas.

“At this moment, propaganda begins to divert from the content and to criticize the quality of the representatives of minority, to discredit them. This works because when a person thinks, he becomes nervous – and he is happy to hear the simple explanation of propaganda. The main and only weapon of the minority is persistence, not to stop to broadcast their ideas.

“From the point of view of biology, to differ from the majority is a mistake; if everyone behaves in a certain way, it means that it is the only correct way, and those who acted differently were eaten.

“The term “the wisdom of the crowd” means that the average response of the crowd is the most accurate and correct because everyone makes a mistake around the truth, and the average opinion is as close as possible to the truth. But this rule works only if the crowd is not biased, in a stable environment, when the circumstances are clear. But when everything is changing and insecure, the majority becomes confused, and the minority have a chance to influence by their idea.

“If the opinion of minority is not fiction, but the truth, it will be viable and gradually spread to the majority and become the norm. As soon as the economy falls and stability is disturbed, the majority will be disoriented and ready to accept new ideas.”

My Comment: In our case, it is necessary to add the influence of Ohr Makif, which, to the extent of our preparedness to re-educate the masses, will organize the conditions necessary for the correction of society.

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