What Can We Add To The Creator’s Work?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “And The Children Racketed Within Her”: The beginning of the work is called Ibur (conception) when a person begins to work following the path of the truth. When he passes by the openings of the Torah, the phase of Jacob in a person awakens and wants to follow the path of the Torah, and when he passes the openings of idol worship, the phase of Esau awakens to come out.

And we should explain this that since a person is incorporated of vessel of receiving on the part of nature, which is called self-love, which is the evil inclination, and, at the same time, he is incorporated of the point in the heart, which is his good inclination, when he enters the work of in order to bestow. This is the phase of Ibur, stemming from the Hebrew word transgression (Avera), and so he experiences ascents and descents and is not stable and is affected by the environment and has no power to overcome it.

As a result, when he passes by an environment which engages in idol worship, which means self-love, and the phase of self-love in him awakens to come out from concealment to revelation and to dominate the body, then he has no power to do anything but what concerns his desire to receive.

When he passes by an environment that engages in actions of in order to bestow, the phase of Jacob in him awakens to come out from concealment to revelation and the actions of in order to bestow dominate the body.

And, thus, over and over again, and this continues day after day in the work, and whoever works more diligently may experience these states every hour, and feel that the states change.

All the ascents and descents that we go through are given to us so that we will recognize that we totally depend on the Creator’s work which affects us. Therefore, our work is called God’s work. He is the only one who operates, and that is the main revelation that we attain from the beginning of our spiritual path to the end.

As we ascend up to the world of Infinity, we are convinced that there is one force and that there is nothing but that, and that He is good and benevolent. Only this force operates in all of creation, which means in all our desires that depict our reality.

We must be prepared to discover that there is only the one upper force of love that dominates everything around us, and that it isn’t me or any other factors. My attempts to clarify this means that I raise a prayer, MAN. Thus, I discover that I am really under His total domination. There is only one force which operates inside me or on the outside, and which fills my whole world. Discovering this for the first time means reaching the first spiritual level called Ibur.

At first, I discover this passively in the state of Ibur, but later when I grow and I am born in the spiritual world, I become active. This doesn’t just mean to be under the influence of the environment, but to attribute everything to one force in order to discover the attribute of Jacob inside me, the attribute of bestowal, and to escape the influence of the egoistic environment which is the attribute of Esau. After I am born, I actually begin to work with the desires that are revealed in me and use them in order to reveal the Creator, the one force that operates in all of reality.

It turns out that it is the Creator who prepares every state for me and who involves me in it. Then, it turns out that not only does He arrange all the states for me, but He also Him determines my reaction to them. This means that He manages not only my externality, but also my internality, “Thou hast hemmed me in behind and before.” Thus, I discover that the Creator is in all my desires, thoughts, decisions, and my responses.

Eventually, it turns out that I have nothing but the one point of perspective from which I previously attributed everything only to my domination, and now I attribute everything to the Creator, as a result of my deep clarification, in all my feelings in the good states and in the bad ones, in my decisions, in establishing the middle line in my internal work. Thus, we attain the shattering from the bottom up and by that, learn about the Creator’s work on us, which has prepared every detail for it.

Thus, we study the HaVaYaH that the Creator created from the bottom up. Thus, we rise to the world of Infinity in order to see, know, and feel the plan of creation that is incorporated in this initial HaVaYaH, and thus are incorporated in it. Inside this HaVaYaH we add our work called ElokimMalchut, working toether with Bina, and then we are incorporated in the coupling of HaVaYaH Elokim, the Creator and the creation.

All our work is to discover the Creator as the operating force in everything: in preparing all the forces, the connections, in planning how we go through the states, where we must go wrong in order to attain the full depth of creation, the depth of the Creator’s original plan called the plan of creation.

The levels of a person’s spiritual growth – Ibur, Yenika (sucking) and Mochin (mind) are all made only by the attainment of the one upper force and its essence.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/20/14

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