Medications Turn People Into Drug Addicts

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Republican): “Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin took the extraordinary step of devoting his entire State of the State message earlier this month to highlight what he described as a “full-blown heroin crisis” in his state. …

“Timothy W. Purington, director of prevention services for Tapestry Health in Northampton, applauded Shumlin’s heroin message. The crisis, he said, is not just in Vermont; it’s throughout New England. …

“Some of the numbers that Shumlin offered in his message from Montpelier are especially grim. Since 2000, Vermont has seen a 770 percent increase in treatment for all opiates; last year the state’s number of deaths from overdoses nearly doubled from the previous year. …

“Shumlin said the heroin crisis got its start in Vermont as an OxyContin and prescription drug-addiction problem.

“Delaney said it’s much the same in Western Massachusetts and that those who get hooked on OxyContin or oxycodone down here often move on to heroin because it’s cheaper.

“‘It’s a lot cheaper buying a bag of heroin than it is to buy an 80 mg “oxy” for 50 to 80 bucks,’ he said.

“The appeal for heroin has increased because of the OxyContin problem. People are resorting to heroin because they are addicted to this drug.”

My Comment: The elite is interested in sedating the masses, both physically and psychologically. Drugs are designed to lull the masses, to trigger their dependence, and thus, the opportunity to set the conditions for distribution of drugs. It is a new form of slavery.

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  1. It is the truth. In Spain nearly of 40% of the “normal population ” it’s under the prescription of anti depressives and anxiolytics only by the social crisis.

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