Dr. Michael LaitmanOur world seems very confusing to us even though it is designed to direct and bring us by the shortest, nicest, and most comfortable way toward discovery of the Creator. However, because we are egoists, opposite to the characteristics of the Creator, we are forced to be in confusion all the time, discovering and clarifying the confusion and the opposition, resolving it, transforming it into the right state, and thus taking a step forward.

This is like a children’s game when a child is blindfolded, turned around so that he will be confused, and then directed in the right direction and leave him. With his eyes covered, he must find the required goal. That is how it happens with us at every moment in life where we don’t know and don’t understand what is happening. We are confused.

It is clear that it is impossible to make the right decision with our intellect. And even if we decide to act in opposition to Him, this also won’t help because, in spite of it all, we receive every decision according to our ego: “for” or “against.”

But, we have no possibility of finding the right decision within our ego, and therefore, the only thing that is left for us is to go with our eyes shut, and someone will direct us. That is, I close my eyes and don’t want to go forward in any direction according to my choice and evaluation. I need for someone to give me the direction, so I need the environment and the teacher. It is the only way possible to advance.

It turns out that my spiritual advancement is one hundred percent in the hands of the environment. The environment is the teacher, the friends, and the Light that Reforms that does all the corrections after I give myself into the hands of the group and the teacher.

In the end, I must connect with the friends so much that I see the Shechina (holy divinity) in them, that the Creator dwells in them. If I go out of myself and dissolve within the society, then suddenly I see that this is not a society as it seemed to me before. Rather, this is the sacred Shechina. In other words, by going out of myself, I discover that the entire world is, in sum, the revelation of the Creator who dwells within all of His creatures. This is what the person discovers the moment that he is ready to shut his eyes and go with faith above reason.

Therefore, if I am ready to give myself over to a friend and I try to do this, with this I acquire the friend and reach a connection, and this action itself is called a donation (Truma), “contribution of the Creator.” I do that in order to awaken and elevate the characteristic of bestowal and place it at the head of my advancement, above the intellect and feelings and all of my decisions that the desire to receive always wants to present to me as rational things. Here, everything is going above the egoistic logic.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/20/14

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