This Irredeemable World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Yakov I. Gilinsky, Doctor of Law, professor, legal scholar, criminologist): “Unmotivated fear, apocalyptic predictions, depression are the most common psychiatric diagnoses today. There is a feeling as if we were flying in a plane without a crew to the airport that has not yet been designed.

“The best representatives of Homo Sapiens have always strived to present and implement the project of ideal society. But the hopes for a brighter future were not realized. The ever growing scale of violence spawned series of dystopia.

“Humanity is heading towards self-destruction. Violence accompanied humanity throughout its history. It is an element of social life and is characterised by totality (domestic, social, criminal, political, economic, religious, sports, educational, violence).

“Over time, violence becomes systemic; it permeates all spheres of society, including cultural, educational, violence of economy, criminal violence. Violence is incorporated into the system. Humanity is fundamentally and irredeemably committed to suicide (nuclear, biological, technological, environmental…).

My Comment: When we realize the absolute hopelessness of our condition, we can come to an understanding of the solution proposed by Kabbalah—yes, a bright future, not by our hands, but by the highest power of nature.

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