My Half A Coin

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus,” 30:14-30:15: Everyone that goes through the counting, from the age of twenty and upward, shall give an offering to the Lord. The rich shall give no more and the poor shall give no less than half a shekel, with which to give an offering to the Lord, to atone for your souls.

Every person gives half a Shekel since the person one connects with adds the other half. Everyone should first unite in tens, then to hundreds and thousands.

It turns out that everyone brings only one half of his own and we can manage between us in such correct mutual cooperation. The point is that the individual’s positive attitude to the world, his love for it, leads to nothing. This is the principle of dissemination.

There cannot be one righteous person while all the others are wicked. I have to help all the others be like me in mutual cooperation and must establish a field of mercy, warm welcome, bestowal, and love. It’s only then that the Upper Light descends on me.

No one can advance if he doesn’t help others. Here we need the friends and the group. Half a Shekel is my half that I put into the collective treasury. What is more, it’s considered half a Shekel only when I awaken others to give the other half.

When each of the friends gives his half, the Upper Light, called the Torah, descends upon these efforts and connects them. This is called, to make atonement for your souls, which symbolizes purity, birth, the revelation of the general soul, the general connection between us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/2/13

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