One Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus (Ki Tissa),” 30:11-30:12: The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: “When you take the sum of the children of Israel according to their numbers, let each one give to the Lord an atonement for his soul when they are counted; then there will be no plague among them when they are counted.”

“Counting the sons of Israel” means to acquire new foreign desires and intentions, which I had previously rejected. A person begins to feel them as one integral whole.

“Let each one give to the Lord an atonement for his soul,” means that we don’t just connect to one another but that each one begins to work above his ego and to connect to others and discovers our common attribute, the common desire between him and others. It wasn’t felt before, either by me or by others, since it was mutually established between us. This mutual desire resembles the Creator and is therefore called a soul.

No ordinary person in our world has a soul. This attribute simply doesn’t exist. We have to develop it by our efforts, by drawing the Upper Light that creates the general soul among us, not separately in each of us, but only between us.

It turns out that there are seven billion people in this world and one common soul for all, which is the void between us that was filled by egoistic feelings towards one another. We establish new connections above it, by changing the egoistic attitude to an altruistic attitude towards one another, which is our soul.

Thus, the force field of mutual attraction begins to work in which we exit ourselves and live for the sake of others, and by that we acquire our soul. The state in which everyone begins to feel himself outside his previous corporeal egoistic self is the feeling of the upper world, the feeling of the Creator.

This is what the Torah teaches us, as it says: I have created the evil inclination; I have created the Torah (Light) to correct it. The word “Torah” stems from the Hebrew word “Light.”

First we have to discover the ego in us, and to the extent that we discover it, we should want to change it. When we change our attitude towards the ego, not by despising it but simply by wanting to turn it into an opposite attribute, we understand that it was intentionally created as help against us, and so we begin to draw the Upper Light upon us that corrects this ego.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/2/13

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