Expanding The Horizons Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanConcealment of the face becomes a Kli for discovering the Creator. Without this period of preparation the person would have nothing with which to feel this discovery. It is impossible to discover the Creator just because you want it now. How can you have a desire if you don’t go through the stages of search, clarification, pressure, and helplessness while attempting to discover the Creator; meaning to discover the characteristic of bestowal and love, which you want to acquire but cannot.

It is impossible without a search like this, and the main thing is that you must be in an environment that directs you toward the goal all the time. And even though you still aren’t connecting yourself to the right goal, don’t see it, and are confused, yet you are constantly, incessantly searching for it. And so the way begins to be stabilized more and more; it’s stabilized from many ways and paths and contracted more and more into one way. Ultimately the goal begins to be clearer, begins to reveal it’s imperative. Thus you reach a state where there is a goal in front of you; there is a clear mission. The higher goal becomes clearer, and so does your goal. You are already working from an agreement to approach it, to discover, and realize it.

It’s impossible to get along without this stage because specifically through this we assemble the Kli for feeling the Creator, the Kli for feeling spirituality. There are 125 steps on this way and every step includes very many ways, states, ascents and descents, infinite integrations of Sefirot within each other.

We don’t feel the changes that are taking place in us that much now even though, together with this, we are passing through a multitude of states. Like a little child who plays and runs after his parents, he doesn’t see and doesn’t feel that there is a big world around him with a multitude of activities and events where something is happening all the time. He lives in his own little world.

So we are also in some kind of Klipa that hides the true reality from us. But when we gather experience, meaning that we learn to do actions that are directed more and more towards the goal, according to the possibilities that are summoned for us from a higher supervision, then more and more we expand our horizons, meaning that we expand our absorptive Kli, and then we begin to feel a wider world with all of the systems that are in it.

This is the way maturation occurs in material life, and it is precisely the same in spiritual life as well. Only in spiritual life, the expansion depends on our ability and readiness to tolerate bestowal, Lishma, that is, the ability to act not for my own sake, but for the sake of all. And afterward, from this “for the sake of all” we pass to “for the sake of the Creator,” as it is said: “From love of the creation to love of the Creator.” Thus we pass through the stages of development.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/13

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