The Most Important Moment In The History Of The Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Teaching of Kabbalah and Its Essence”: I am glad that I have been born in such a generation when it is permitted to disclose the wisdom of truth.

Adam was the first to reveal the essence of the general reality that we live in is a kind of a “bubble,” we feel this life only within ourselves, without any serious purpose. This lies above the aspects of “animal” existence that demands to be born, live, and die again and again.

We also add to this our fantasies about afterlife, a very bitter mistake on our part, a big mistake of humanity that expects something else from the current level. As a result, it’s difficult to describe all the limitations of man, all the confusion in which he is immersed.

Nevertheless, since Adam and onward, a part of humanity began to reveal the truth. And the truth is that it’s possible to open our current limited sensations together with the mind that is behind them. It’s possible to unlock the door leading outside of our world, which is “depicted” by the perception of the five senses. In addition to them, you can find five new spiritual senses, acting on the opposite force, driven not by egoism but by altruism.

However, it was revealed only to a small part of humanity. The process goes on and humanity is gradually getting closer to this discovery, to an understanding that everyone must rise to a higher spiritual level during his life here. This is how the teaching of Kabbalah defines its purpose: The revelation of the Creator to the created beings in this world.

The stages of human development progress slowly. As Baal HaSulam writes that they required billions of years to develop the universe, hundreds of thousand years to develop the “material human being,” and thousands of years to develop the “spiritual human being,” who originates from Adam. Five thousand seven hundred years have passed since his time until the moment when an opportunity emerged to explain what is happening to everyone and attract people to ascend to the degree of the Human Being (Adam), meaning similar (Domeh) to the Creator.

And that is why Baal HaSulam is very glad that from his time and onward it is allowed to disclose this knowledge. We have developed enough at the current level and can proceed with the development at the human degree.

A special moment has arrived, unprecedented in history. The process came from the world of Infinity through all the worlds, through the breaking and preliminary stages, and then through all the twists and turns in our world to finally come to this point.

We must realize the importance of the period in which we live, and even more, the importance of the awakening that each person received. This requires a responsible and serious approach from us. There is no more important moment in the history of all the worlds, and our world in particular.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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