The Link Between Actions And The Sources

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In every science there are a number of trends. In our work there is also this phenomenon. There are groups that understand the integral method and its development in their own way. How must we relate to this?

Answer: I explain that people must grow in a determined way and not only through activities. They require serious theory, they must live it, receive from their sources, their roots. They must answer the questions from their knowledge, from the connection with the group and with us.

Many confused states and questions are awakened that can be solved on the plane of our world in all kinds of ways, but not integrally. And they must solve them specifically through the integral method. And not just, “Come, let’s hold hands and everything will be resolved,” no.

Here there is still a huge white spot that I must identify. This will be solved when I connect my activities specifically with the sources. But perhaps this has not yet come to be actively expressed and therefore I don’t see this in the sources.

In other words, all this has already been described in some place, but I am still not ready to see this because the need to receive it from the sources doesn’t exist in me. Only the connection between the practices and the true sources (books, articles) ultimately gives the answer.

Question: Suppose that in Moscow we have a need to travel to St. Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, and so forth, to speak with the friends, to manage integral projects together with them, and they have no need for this. Is the trend toward unifying these actions right or should each of them to ripen in its own flow?

Answer: No, here everything must be unified. I cannot imagine that there would be different streams or approaches here.

For each audience, a different mentality for all the different nations should come from one source, only in a slightly different style, and no more.

I can see this in a person when during a conversation he suddenly leaves integral education and begins to impart psychology or, let’s say, natural sciences. We feel that this doesn’t come from our source. He doesn’t feel this, but I feel that this is not connected to the root and in the future this will remain with the audience as empty knowledge, completely unprocessed.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/18/13

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