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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As far as I understand, the process itself of building a new combination between egoism and altruism will be very difficult for all people individually.

Answer: It could be very easy because this is not personal work but essentially group work. This method is applicable in the correct organization of an educational learning process.

Question: What happens with the desires for wealth, power, and knowledge that have always constituted the motivational force of the ego?

Answer: Everything that we approach today, without the choice of the authorities who want to calm people down through a “daily ration” necessary for existence, is particularly close to what the wisdom of Kabbalah or Integral Education is saying.

In other words, we must be satisfied with a normal and reasonable material existence. Everyone must have his own dwelling, room or corner where he will feel comfortable, the essential food, shoes, clothing, and all the rest.

And all the rest of the fulfillments and development he will get only through learning in the system of Integral Education. For him there will no longer be the explosions of the former needs. On the contrary, the moment that the person begins to develop integrally, he will understand that he can attain a reasonable material existence, give a normal education to his children, and live comfortably without fear of going outside; he will get inner fulfillment.

Besides inner fulfillment, we must give our body what is required for its normal functioning: healthy nourishment, clean air, restful sleep, and so forth. We must relate to the physical body like a pet that lives with us, wash it, let it sleep, feed it, and no more.

During all the rest of the time, we develop the person within the framework of Integral Education. We are involved with this all day: courses, lectures, study, games, and personal development. We have many possibilities for developing this system together with the all the others. The entire world is before us.

And the main thing is that in accordance with this we feel more and more fulfillments and discoveries, as if we are discovering new worlds for ourselves every day! We don’t need to wait for payday once a year to travel somewhere for a week because we feel fulfilled day to day, every hour.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/13

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